What can I expect in a foodie fest kit?

Each kit will provide your junior chef with 3 seasonal recipes, ingredients to make the recipes, a short pantry or shopping list (just for possibly a few non-perishable items) games, puzzles, and activities to complete!  

What types of recipes will be in the kit?

The recipes will vary in complexity, from healthy to indulgent, cooking to baking, and basic to advanced.  It is encouraged for parents to be as helpful as needed for your child to have a positive experience in the kitchen.  Each recipe is rated from 1-3 chef's hats from most basic (1) to more advanced (3).  Recipes are carefully curated based on the age and cooking experience of each junior foodie.

Are ingredients included?

When possible, all ingredients are included in the kit.  We do not ship perishable foods like meats, cheese, eggs, butter, etc.  For local delivery, we will include certain perishable foods such as blueberries, carrots, cucumber, etc.  

Are the kits educational?

Yes!  Monthly kits incorporate history, STEM, geography, and different cultures through the recipes and activities.  In addition, your little foodie will practice fine motor skills, following directions, paying attention to details, and expanding his or her knowledge and palate in the kitchen.

What about food allergies or restrictions?

Upon registering for monthly kits, your curator will connect with you about any food allergies, restrictions, or special diets of your child and your family.

Is this a good idea for a really picky eater?

A foodie fest kit certainly can be a way to help your picky eater explore foods and ingredients.  It is common that when kids make the food themselves, they are more likely to try it!  In addition, upon registration, your curator will connect with you about your child's most favorite foods and least favorite foods.  This information will help design a kit that is ideal for your child.

If I have more than 1 interested child, do I have to buy more than 1 box each month for all to participate?

Have more than one foodie at home?  Add a sibling to your subscription for just an additional $5 each month to ensure enough ingredients and activities are prepared and ready to go for each child every month in the box.

Is this for children of any age?

We typically work with children ages 6-13, but as long as your child is ready to work in the kitchen, they are ready for a kit.  The contents of each kit will be customized based on the age and kitchen experience of the child.

Are the kits fun?

Foodie fest kits are like a party in every box!  Inside is a monthly packet of kid-friendly recipes, games, and activities.  Recipes can be made on your own schedule, with minimal planning, as it is all outlined right there in the box for you.  Plus, eating the food is just as much fun as making it!

Still have a question?  

Contact us at [email protected].